Genius Hour Number 2

The topic I researched for my Genius Hour was coding, and more specifically, was working within unity to adapt and create video games. Unity itself primarily uses c# to code. So that was the specific coding language I had to learn. I also had to learn  how to work with assets and how to manipulate those assets within unity

I chose this topic as both video games and coding have always interested me. As a lifelong player of video games, it only felt right that I learn how to create the same things that brought me so much joy.

I learned two things. The first was how to code in c#. This should help, as not only does this interest me, but most fields require some form of computer and coding expertise. The second is how to work withing Unity. This not only taught me how to make at least basic games, but it gave me lots of respect who do it for a living.

This helped me grow as now I understand the full sweat and tears that go into some video games. It also gives me a greater understanding when using day to day apps such as Spotify or YouTube.

It helped me by teaching me how to code which will be a very useful skill to have in the world which is being quickly dominated by electronics and apps. Coding and jobs that require it will dominate the future job market.

How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain.

My next Genius Hour™ is going to be on setting up a business plan for my future game store. This will help me by giving me a head start in my future (possible) job. This will help others by providing a place for people to come and buy games and comics. Also it will help people to come and make connections with others who enjoy the same thing.

MLA and Compfight citing

Enjoy Titouan!

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Twitter Blog Post Reflection

      1. So I followed: @CodingOutpost Because they offered easy to follow coding advice and tutorials. @PracticNotWords due to their helpful tips for coding and working on designing games. I followed @wTsDe because of their helpful tips and @thecodinglove for the inside humor of coding and the inside look into coding. @matheuslrod for his inside look into being a game dev, and his useful tutorials. @UnrealEngine, @EpicGames and @unity3d due to them both being large game studios, and both provide help with their programs. @eto2d for help with game graphics and game design. And lastly @IMAstudents for their useful tutorials.
      2. All of these people relate to my genius hour as they all in some way relate to game design or coding, and all will push me to be a better game dev.
      3. Depending on the person it ranged from help creating/working with a game dev company to making graphically pleasing game.
      4. This will help me by getting me new sources to work on and improve my coding skills and making a better game.
      5. Yes, two of the people responded to me, none of them followed me back, but one of them did offer more help if I needed. I didn’t continue the conversation as I had recieved the needed information and didnt need to impress on them further.
      6. I might use this process in the future to gain more information for research papers or projects in IB and beyond.


I have always thought that I had a slightly unhealthy enjoyment of books. I was hooked at a young age by my mother. Her father, my grand father, was a librarian and had instilled a love of reading in my mother that was given to me with time. After my mother hooked me, every time I went to the library I would consistently read more, and more complex books in hope of being satisfied. But one thing that I learned with time is that the more you read, the more there is a hunger inside you that keeps you reading, more and more.


It got to the point that in  about fourth grade, I was reading about ninth grade level material and fully comprehending it. This also saw an increase in my language comprehension. And from that saw an improvement in my school work.


Now comes the sad point. With the major introduction of electronics into my life, I have slowly reading less and less over the years. Coming to the point where I could previously read through the entirety of a book, it would now take me about a week to get through the same book. This is not because I have slowed down my reading. It just takes longer to read. However, I still enjoy reading and loving picking up a book to read.

Community (SBC Week 8)


I would say there are more pros than cons of being in a community. There’s a sense of belonging that you can’t get anywhere else . As well as doing things that you enjoy with others that enjoy the same thing. The cons might be that you get less over all interactions with other people.

yeet source

I personally am in a multitude of communties. One of the communities I am most active in is the magic the gathering community. In this community I activally particapate in online disscusions and work with others to learn and play. Another community I am activally particapate in is the CSGO community. I activally play the game and trade with others to help them further their own abilities.

csgo-thing back-of-mtg         source                                                          source


There are two communies I want to join when I get older. The first is CSGO proteams. These are competitive teams who play against each other in hopes of winning. The second community I want to join is the Magic The Gathering pro scene. This is the best of the best for the game and everything has to be perfect to be part of this community.


So I would say there are some very important roles in communities. While not everyone has a role, I would say the important roles are the main leader of the group. The other is the planner to take care of the little details.


Your responsibilties when part of a community may differ from community to community. For one all it might take is being active in the community. For another it might be having a set number of wins to continue being part of a community.

Anyway this is my personal views on communities.

Week 7 SBC

So for this weeks SBC post I chose to write about “If you were principal for a week, what would you do? If you were a teacher for a week, what would you do?”.

Starting with being the principal, I would attempt to put through an edited school day for high school which involves a later start and  a later finish. This would allow for high school students to sleep in later and allows them more sleep which is vital for growth (citation).  I would also attempt to put through a system to get rid of common core standards in this school. I would do this as, with experience of both common core and myp/pyp, it is a more rigorous and harder program.

I don’t personally see myself as a teacher, but if I was I think I would teach math. If I did teach math, I would attempt to make math interesting or teach interesting concepts and show fun math videos. Although I don’t think I would be a very good teacher.

Anyway, I’ll see you all next week.


SBC Week 6

For the week 6 SBC I chose to do the “Game 2”

I commented on three different blog posts

The first was on the Percy Jackson series and I asked the owner what their favorite moment was from the book

The second was on the Gaia theory and the writer did a great job of addressing both sides of the argument.

The last post I commented on  was a list of the Top Ten Halloween candies. There, I commented on the absence of fruity candies on the list.

Any way see you all later.

Magic the Gathering

So this is about my personal favorite card game, Magic the Gathering.

So Magic the Gathering is a card game based on a turn based game where you have a hand and using mana you play spells from your hand. Cards are gotten from sets that Wizards of the Coast releases every so often.

This game is very strategy based as you need to construct a deck around either what you view as good or fits your playstyle. Such as myself playing red black as colors. So after you have a deck its time to play.

There are a bunch of ways to win a game of magic. The most common is dealing damage to your opponent till they’re at zero. The second is to make your opponent draw a card when there are no cards left in your deck.

So I hope this helps you understand this game a little more.

Thanks for reading

Week 4 SBC

So I chose to do the hypothetical disaster situations

Readers, what natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live? How have you prepared? If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it? Do you have any advice for us?

I really don’t know. I haven’t lived here long enough to say what natural disasters have happened. Thus there hasn’t been much preparations regarding a natural disaster. If I faced a large-scale emergency I would most likely end up following a crowd to safety and then worry about the details.

Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could have ready to grab-and-go?

I would say you need

  1.  Flash light
  2. 2 full sets of clothes
  3. Some form of multi tool
  4. Water of some form
  5. Small bit of nonperishable food
  6. and Finally a multi way radio

Good luck with those natural emergencies


Genius hour number 1 reflection (HIGH QUALITY)

So this is my reflection for my 1st genius hour.

What topic did you research in Genius Hour?

The topic I chose for my genius hour was learning how to write better fan fiction. I had already started writing this fan fiction before hand and continuing to write sounded fun.

Why did you choose it?

I chose this as my genius hour as I wanted to improve my ability in writing fiction and this seemed like a good way to do it. Also, the people that had read my unfinished story were getting edgy and wanted another chapter so this satisfied both my readers and the project.

What did you learn?

I learned a lot about writing fiction in general and how to write good fan fiction in specific. I learned about the fan fiction rules such as, you can’t break the rules of the universe or characters can’t come back from the dead.

How did that help you grow as a person?

It helped me grow as a person as it improved my writing in general and also helped me learn how to edit effectively and in a timely manner as the readers were never satisfied with a chapter per three weeks.

How did what you learn help (the world, community, yourself, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain.

It helped me by giving my writing the boost it needed to get a better grade in my Language Arts class and any grade boost I can get is worth it’s weight in gold. It also helped the online reading community as the feedback it’s received is all positive and most of it is an enjoyment of the story.

How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain.

What I learn in my next genius hour will help me do something I have always wanted to learn, Coding. It will also help Sebastian and Julian as both need help coding there games, and through that I will bring joy to gamers faces.


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